Shipping & Returns

Digital Goods Policy

We consider any content that can be downloaded via a website or received via email as a "Digital Goods." Digital goods like information, software, templates, recordings, art, photographs, images, music, ebooks, and related content will be delivered to the buyer using a direct link or any of the cloud-based services.


In case you have purchased the product and didn't receive a link to the related digital product. First, contact the support by providing transaction details.


Keep safe your date of fulfillment, and as well as the time the product was purchased. We recommend having proof of download, date of fulfillment and the time of purchase ready at the time of contacting us.  

Shipping & Exchange Policy 

Currently, we do not sell physical products. Any of the Digital products once purchased and downloaded cannot be exchanged. So be careful while giving the order. In case we haven't sent a download link and one would like to change the product, we provide this facility but the amount of the new product should be equivalent to the first one.


Note: Modification in the shipping, exchange, and return policy may modify with time without any notice.