Updated: Oct 5, 2018

INFINITE EDUCATION has shared Cyber Security tips with the Facebook and twitter community of SARWAMFX. Since the revolution of internet banking has provided number of facilities to the customers, transactions per day are increasing day by day. It has also opened the window for hackers to get unauthorized access via Phishing e-mails and websites that have a familiar appearance to deceive customers to think that the sender or website is a Bank/ RBI/ Private Company/ Income Tax Office etc.


We have made this document for public awareness. We believe that what we earn from the society, a part should be used for the welfare of the society. Our group members came across lots of situations where they had been tried to trap using illusive offers either via mail or mobile call and messages. After discussing on various points we have decided to prepare a basic cybersecurity document which can be used to aware people about “Digital Frauds”.



We prepare this document by studying safety strategies of banking websites like ICICI and SBI. I hope this will help you. Support our efforts at Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Images used in this work have been "Designed by Freepik". We acknowledge Freepik for beautiful illustrations.

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