Piano Keys

The House Piano

Its Free for Three Days Only

The House Pianos comes with 9 easy to use macros that allow you to quickly tweak the sound to perfectly match your productions. House pianos comes with 10 designed presets for Kontakt. Each one sounds like an entirely brand new instrument. 


  • Transient - use this macro to add a snappy pluck to the attack of the sound. Perfect when you need the piano to cut through a mix.

  • Bowed Keys - This macro adds a sustained layer to the notoriously short M1 piano sound.

  • Synth Keys - This macro adds a synthesized key sound to the main M1 piano. 

  • Effects - Filter out high frequencies with the LP Filter and add some dimension with the reverb control.

  • Performance - These three macros allow you to fine tune the performance of the piano to fit your playing style or MIDI. 

  • REQUIRES THE FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT. Download size is about 400 MB.

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